The Essential Oil That Treats Chicken Pox, Colds, And Foot Problems, Too

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Eucalyptus essential oil is a must-have for the homesteader because of its numerous health benefits and disinfecting properties.

Because of this, I stock up on it and always keep it within reach.

Eucalyptus uses date back to the natives of Australia (Aborigines), who crushed eucalyptus leaves and used the herb not only to treat health ailments but also burned the tree’s wood to flavor food and to purify the air.

Today, eucalyptus essential oil, which is extracted from the blue gum tree, has a distinct, stimulating smell that clears the head and is mostly used in cough and cold remedies. It is also a potent antiseptic that kills airborne germs and has a cooling effect when rubbed onto the body, which can help soothe aches and pains.

When used in aromatherapy, eucalyptus essential oil has valuable decongestant properties, which combat symptoms of influenza, coughs, colds, fever and sinus problems. The aroma also can help clear and stimulate the mind.


Here are five unique, everyday uses for eucalyptus essential oil, along with some recipes to try.

1. Deodorizing and disinfecting.

To disinfect the air in a sickroom.

Diffuse eucalyptus essential oil into the air by adding to an air diffuser, a vaporizer or a humidifier, or burn it in an oil burner.

To deodorize and neutralize odors.

Drop five drops of eucalyptus essential oil on a cotton swab and place it in a closet, drawer, laundry basket, trash can, shoe rack or anywhere odor persists.

For persistent underarm odor.

Drop several drops of eucalyptus essential oil on the inside, underarm seams of shirts and jackets.

For smelly shoes.

Rub four drops of eucalyptus essential oil into the insoles of your shoes.

2. Chicken pox and the measles.

Chicken pox is the dreaded disease of childhood, with itchy spots that must not be scratched. Eucalyptus essential oil can help tremendously by reducing the itchiness and stopping the infection of the pox themselves.

The irritating, itchy rash and bad temper that go with measles can transform even the most angelic child into a miserable little monster. Moreover, when adults get the measles, the symptoms are magnified a hundred times. To soothe the skin and to stop the spread of both diseases, gently massage the eucalyptus essential oil mixture onto the infected areas.

  • 2 fl oz. coconut carrier oil

  • 4 drops eucalyptus essential oil

  • 3 drops bergamot essential oil

  • 3 drops lavender essential oil

  • 3 drops tea tree essential oil

  • 3 drops chamomile essential oil

3. Expectorant.

Eucalyptus essential oil contains about 70 percent eucalyptol, making it an effective remedy for chesty coughs which come along with the flu, colds and bronchitis. It also can relieve the symptoms of runny noses and coughing due to hay fever and sinusitis.

To sooth dry and chesty coughs.

  • 4 tsp sweet almond carrier oil

  • 5 drops eucalyptus essential oil

  • 4 drops cedarwood essential oil

  • 2 drops myrrh essential oil

  • Rub into the chest area

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