10 Miraculous Healing Uses For Chamomile Oil

Chamomile tea is a popular herbal remedy known to have a calming effect on the nerves, on upset stomachs, disturbed children and disgruntled adults. It is the daisy-like white flowers of Chammaemelum nobile or Roman Chamomile that go into the making of this relaxing tea.

Roman Chamomile essential oil is distilled from fresh or dried flowers of this plant. Another frequently used variety is the German Chamomile or Matricaria chamomilla with smaller flowers. The deep blue German Chamomile essential oil is better known for its excellent anti-inflammatory properties. Both essential oils have many similar uses and some specific uses. Here are 10:


1. Relieve anxiety. Chamomile oil was used by the Roman soldiers to relieve anxiety and to induce a strong sense of purpose as they set out to fight. In clinical trials, this essential oil has been found to be effective in treating generalized anxiety disorder (GAD).

2. Treat depression. A walk in the garden where these delightful little flowers grow is often considered a sure cure for depression. The sweet scent released by this aromatic plant and the sight of the pure white flowers with sunny yellow centers can raise the spirits. Similar effects can be obtained by using chamomile oil in your bathtub and dabbing a few drops on the reflex points. The vapors can be inhaled or the oil can be used in a diffuser for a generalized effect.

3. Relieve nerve pain and fatigue. Nerve disorders often result in tingling or pricking sensations, sharp pain, or a hot burning sensation in the associated muscles. Compression of the nerves or damage to the nerve tissue may be the real problem, but many symptoms may appear in different parts of the body.

People affected by restless leg syndrome and sciatic pain find relief with the use of chamomile essential oil. It acts as a nerve tonic and also reduces symptoms that appear in the muscles elsewhere. Apply the oil to reflex points of the body for best results. Dilute chamomile oil with olive oil and then apply to the target muscles, massaging it in. Using a few drops in bathwater and in a diffuser also may help to some extent......More Here

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