40 Amazing Health Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

By Brandon Turbeville and Heather Callaghan

Can anyone really forget the alluring aroma of lavender? There is an oft-told story that highlights just one of the profound healing benefits of lavender essential oil. In 1910 French chemist and scholar René-Maurice Gattefossé burnt his hand during an experiment. He thrust his hand into the nearest vat of liquid in order to cool his burn. In actuality, it was a tub of lavender essential oil which quickly soothed the burn and – miraculously healed the burn in record time.

There was also very little scarring from the injury thanks to lavender oil, so he then began using it on WW1 soldiers. (sources)

Whether or not you think lavender essential oil could work miracles like that for you, the oil is best known for its soothing capabilities – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It’s a great addition to your meditation, prayer or spiritual life.


Please enjoy this list of research-backed benefits of lavender essential oil. As always, we do not use anecdotes or mere, unproven Internet re-hashings. You can be assured that the benefits below were tested or proved in a research environment.

40 Amazing Health Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

Anti-Anxiety – A review of scientific literature revealed that lavender produced significant effects in relation to anxiety in rat studies. Another study showed that a different kind of lavender oil administered orally improved effective in the treatment of ‘subsyndromal’ anxiety disorder. Additionally, massage blended essential oils on adults were found to reduce depression and anxiety. Another study, administered orally, found that it is definitely an anxiolytic (anti-panic, antianxietal) and that it inhibits VOCCs in synaptosomes, primary hippocampal neurons and stably overexpressing cell lines.

Depression – Aroma hand massage with the oil reduced depression. Yet another study showed benefits on college women for insomnia and depression. Additionally, massage blended essential oils on adults were found to reduce depression and anxiety.

Migraine headaches – Research suggests lavender as a treatment in the acute management of migraine headaches. Furthermore, lavender tested as significantly more beneficial than the placebo.

Menstrual pain – Provided relief for patients with primary dysmennorhea (period pain, cramps) and reduced the duration of menstrual pain to almost half. It was however blended with other oils like clary sage and marjoram. Similarly, another study among college students also showed benefits of lavender on cramps.....more here

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