Why You Should Always Drink Your Water THIS Way

By Twain Yobra

You’ve probably heard the benefits of drinking cold water, but did you know that drinking warm or hot water has more benefits? If you don’t usually drink warm water, here are the benefits you’ll experience once you start drinking it.

Aging will slow

When we drink warm water, it gets rid of compounds in the body that fasten aging. Warm water also helps in repair of cells and improves skin elasticity.

The body will detoxify

For one thing, drinking warm water will increase the body’s temperature. And consequently cause sweating, which is one way of getting rid of toxins and detoxifying the body. Drinking plenty of water also helps the kidney get rid of toxins easily.


You’ll lose more weight

Drinking warm water boosts body temperature which in return increases metabolism, and burns more calories. Adding lemon to warm water can help curb your appetite and increase the breakdown of fat.

You’ll get rid of pain

Drinking warm water helps reduce stomach pain. If you have stomach ache or abdominal cramps, warm water can fix it.

You won’t be constipated

Drinking warm or hot water can improve your gut health. As you may know, being dehydrated causes digestion problems and constipation. Warm water also helps breaking down of food and movement of bowel.

Better flow of blood

Warm water helps clean up the blood streams by breaking down fat deposits. This also helps get rid of toxins and improves overall health.

You’ll clean up the throat

Warm or hot water is great for the throat. You’ve probably used it before to treat colds, sore throat, tonsils and so on. Drinking warm water regularly can reduce risk of any of these throat problems.....more here

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