15 Weight Loss Herbs and Spices That Actually Work

Adding herbs and spices to your food can help you drop excess pounds. If you’re trying to lose weight, here are 15 herbs you should use regularly.

1. Cinnamon: Research shows that cinnamon reduces appetite and hunger. It can help lower your total daily calorie intake. Cinnamon also reduces risk of diabetes by regulating blood sugar levels.

2. Ginger: This popular herb helps fight cravings and reduce appetite.

3. Turmeric: In an animal study, the mice that were fed curcumin (found in turmeric) lost more fat than those that weren’t. Turmeric boosts metabolism and helps balance hormones.


4. Ginseng: Ginseng increases energy levels and boosts metabolism. In this animal study, ginseng promoted weight loss and improved insulin sensitivity.

5. Cayenne pepper: Cayenne pepper contains capsaicin which reduces appetite, shrinks fat tissue and fights fat buildup, according to research. This herb also boosts metabolism and enhances fat-burning.

6. Garlic: Eating garlic helps the body metabolize carbs and fats properly. One animal study found that garlic can prevent fat gain.

7. Cumin: One study found that women who took one teaspoon of cumin a day lost 3 times more weight than those who didn’t.

8. Black pepper: According to research, this herb blocks formation of new fat cells, which consequently prevents fat gain.

9. Dandelions: This herb has gained popularity in recent years and it’s for a good reason, it aids weight loss, reduces bloating and water retention.

10. Mustard: Mustard seeds are known to boost metabolism. Take a teaspoon of mustard seeds each day to burn more calories without exercise.

11. Cardamom: This herb increases body temperature and boosts metabolism. Feel free to add it to food or teas.

12. Parsley: Parsley helps the body metabolize food properly and also regulates appetite.

13. Green tea: Studies show that green tea boosts metabolism and promotes weight loss.

14. Peppermint: This study found that the smell of peppermint can reduce appetite. The subjects who smelled peppermint before meals consumed less calories than those who didn’t.

15. Coriander: This herb has been found to boost metabolism and aid weight loss in animals.

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