Five Ways Guided Meditation Improves the Quality of Life

Decades ago, most people saw guided meditation as one of the spiritual fads peculiar to devoted Buddhist. But with time, meditation has gained acceptance into our present world. There is lots of evidence that suggests that the practice of meditation, defined as being aware in the moment can have beneficial impact on our health.

Research evidence now buttresses the fact that meditation as a stress reduction practice has the capacity to add to the grey matter area of the brain. This positively influences learning, memory and retentiveness. Ranging from stopping a wandering mind to upgrading the body’s immune system, there are lots of evidences to support the fact that meditation changes your brain, and improves the quality of your life.


Thus, you have a whole lot to gain from having a guided meditation. We have listed five unique ways meditation improves the quality of your life:

  1. Guided Meditation helps you sleep better

Many factors contribute to sleeplessness. However, taking time to meditate can help transform yourself into a peaceful and calm state where you can drift into deep relaxing sleep. If you are having challenges getting quality sleep for whatever reason, guided meditation might be your way out. Forget all those sleeping pills, they might give you a temporary relieve, but you do not want to be addicted. A research study by the JAMA Internal Medicine involved 49 people revealed that having guided meditation for sleep for 20 minutes a day reported improved sleep. The same report also indicate that the meditation session results in less fatigue and depression.

2. Guided Meditation Creates a Deeper Connection With Your Inner Self

The first time anyone gets down to practice meditation might be tedious. This is because it takes real work to get control of your though and prevent your mind from wandering about. However, with time, this is bound to improve.

Since meditation is all about connecting with your inner self, it opens up a link to who you really are. By shutting off the external distractions and myriads of thoughts running through your head, you are able to link up with your inner dialogue. This inner voice reveals who you really are as well as what you should do (your purpose on earth)

Meditation makes you pay attention to your feelings, thoughts as well as whom you are. By connecting with your real sense, you create a life of genuine happiness and know yourself!

3. Guided Meditation Could Help Reduce Stress

The lifestyle of this present generation is not the type that leaves many people stress free. No wonder, many people are resorting to meditation as a means to combat stress. Be it family issue, relationship dramas, job security issues, work anxiety etc, stress is on the increase.

However, studies have revealed that having meditation can be a very potent way to get rid of stress. Since meditation makes you focus on the moment, you are opportune to get rid of unnecessary worries and anxiety. This has resulted in improved productivity, better sleep quality, mood improvement, thus, a better overall life quality

4. Improved Self Confidence

Meditation will change the way you see yourself. Your view of the world will be illuminated, providing a positive perspective about yourself. Since an inner connection with yourself is created, you will love yourself more. Thus, you will not need to pretend to be somebody else for you to be accepted

Meditation will avail you the opportunity to see the world in a positive light. You will see where you fit-in in the world, where you do not need to pretend to gain acceptability. It gives you the consciousness of the fact that you are enough!

5. Guided Meditation Create Positive Vibes Around You

Loving kindness meditation, (also called Metta) generates and sends compassion and positive feeling into the universe. Thus, you create a positive, warm and welcoming atmosphere around yourself in a way that families, friends and strangers will benefit. This positive feeling has a way of creating a positive atmosphere around you.

There is this believe that our actions, energy and activities do backfire. Thus, putting out a positive energy, focusing on it, will reflect in your life. This will create a positive atmosphere making you positive!

As little as five minutes of meditation can have a significant effect on your life in many ways. Your emotions, overall health, sleep, concentrations, mood, well being etc will all improve. To get started with meditation is not difficult. With a quiet place to sit and some private minutes free of disturbance, you can have a meaningful meditation.


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