8 Bedtime Drinks That Flush Toxins and Melt Fat While Sleeping

The body rebuilds and regenerates tissues while we sleep. And this helps the liver get rid of toxins. What you put in your body before sleeping will greatly affect the detoxification process.

Quality sleep and enough bodily fluid play a vital role in detoxification.

Once you remove toxins, metabolism skyrockets and the body starts burning fat faster. Here are 8 bedtime drink that will remove toxins and burn more fat.

Lemon water

Just squeeze fresh lemon into warm water and drink. This will help remove the toxins in the blood and increase total daily calorie expenditure.

Note that warm lemon water is more effective that cold lemon water.


Lotus seed tea

This is another great bedtime herb. It will help you sleep deeply because it reduces anxiety and increases calmness. Feel free to add lavender to this tea for deeper sleep.

Chamomile tea

This tea is great for detoxifying the liver. It will also improve quality of sleep because it will calm nerves and help you fall asleep faster. Lastly, this herb will reduce inflammation because it has strong anti-inflammatory properties.

Schizandra berry tea

Schizandra berries help protect the liver and detoxify it. These berries also have adaptogenic action on the body, which means it helps organs function optimally.

Peppermint tea

This herb will improve your digestion and quality of sleep. In fact, it helps the body process large quantities of food – drink it after overeating.

Oat tea

This tea is rich in minerals and vitamins which help in the detoxification of the liver. It will also keep you calm and help burn fat faster.

Rose tea

Rose tea has great effect on our emotions. And that’s why it has been used as a symbol of love over the years. It will keep you calm and help in the detoxification process. I may also note that rose improves circulation and makes it easier to remove toxins.

Jujube fruit

This herb has detoxification and fat-burning effects in the body. It also relieves stress and improves quality of sleep.

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